Going Local With YouTube Marketing

If you are a small business, such as a mom-and-pop pizza joint, then you may not need to market to the world. You do want people to be aware you are around the corner, down the block, or pretty close by. Yet, the phone book is not the first place people turn when they want to find a pizza place in town.

Most people are searching on their phone, especially when food is involved. They want to know where you are located and be able to click on a live link to your phone number. Even more so, they might visit your website. Though, it would be even better if they could click on a video on YouTube that is linked out to the website, and your social media accounts that give a video tour of your establishment.

Using YouTube you may become a voice of pizza. Locals love it because they can see inside your pizza place to get an idea of the ambiance. Show people how to keep the cheese from slipping around if they come and pick up their order. Suggest they opt for delivery next time. Show them how to keep their pizza warm until dinnertime.

Pay attention to what kinds of questions and comments people are always making online and in your pizza shop. This will help inform what it is you can address in a YouTube video.

It is not really the place to sell your pizza. It is more of a place to share information about pizza, such as how to enjoy it. Interview customers, and ask them how they eat their pizza. Make it fun. People will share a video of their friends enjoying your pizza.

That is good for building your business. The key to making a good imprint with YouTube Marketing is to make videos that are shareable.